Levitaz Exo


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Levitaz Exo Foilboard


The Levitaz Exo is your allround foilboard for every style and condition. Thanks to its lightness and agility, it allows you to perform your most radical moves. Due to its compact design, you can easily travel with this board. The Levitaz Exo is equipped with a track system which lets you assemble and mount it according to your preferences and skills. Furthermore, the Levitaz Exo comes with a full deck traction pad which enables perfect grip and comfort, ideally for strapless foiling.

  • Freeride/Freestyle/Strapless
  • Allround foilboard for every condition


Length: 4´1” (125 cm)
Volume: 16,8 ltrs
Weight: 6,6 lbs (3,0 kg)
Foilmount: Tracks for plate mount 254 x 90 mm
Thickness: 2¼” (5,6 cm)
Width: 17” (43 cm)

Exo board package includes:

  • Foilboard
  • Strap hardware (incl. screws and washers)
  • Foil mount hardware (screws, washers and tool)
  • Accessory bag

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Gewicht 6 kg


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