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Kite-Elements Used Marked

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Are you looking for high-quality Flysurfer and Levitaz products, but don’t want to invest in factory-new products? Then you are right with us! The used material offered comes exclusively from the manufacturer and is checked in close cooperation before the sale and is repaired if necessary. Thus, it is never private second-hand gear, only products that were used exclusively by Flysurfer / Levitaz itself.


Where do the kites, boards & foils come from?

All kites/foils come exclusively from:
– Product shootings
– Exhibition & demonstration pools
– Pre-release tests
– Proto tests (clearly marked)
– Team riders
– Demo events
– Product introduction
– Complaints / repairs
(clearly marked & professionally repaired)


Barely used, no signs of use

Sings of use, technically perfect


Not for sale

Rating System

Manufacturer tested products
12 months manufacturer warranty
2 years of free trim service

We can show you the history of each kite, board & foil and know when and where your desired product was used. We are always available for you!

1-year of Manufacturer Warranty

Only with us, you will receive an exclusive 12-month warranty on all LEVITAZ & FLYSURFER products directly from the manufacturer!
Every article is subjected to a strict check and is checked twice by specialists. If there are any questions about your product, we are always happy to help, even outside the warranty period.

2-years of Trim Service

We trim every FLYSURFER Soft Kite for you free of charge! If the kite loses performance or exhibits unusual flight behaviour, it is time for a trim check. You can come to our showroom or send us your softkite. We are also there for you at all FLYSURFER events. We’ll adjust your kite and make sure it works the way it was delivered for the first time.
At events or in our showroom, we can also show you how you can quickly and easily check and trim your kite yourself.

Kite-Elements used market

Kite-Elements acts as an independent used material agency on behalf of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding & Levitaz and actively supports the quality and price-stability-philosophy of both companies. The used goods offered come exclusively from the respective headquarters and are checked before sale in close cooperation according to the usual manufacturer standard, and repaired if necessary.

Manufacturer tested products

12 months manufacturer warranty

2 years free trim check

Despite COVID-19 we are still there for you
Free & individual advice

Expertly tested products

The offered used material has been professionally checked. The necessary repairs and the replacement of damaged individual parts were carried out professionally. All offered articles are in a technically perfect condition. The respective star rating primarily relates to the optical condition. Offer of used items excluding the FLYSURFER free repair guarantee. In this case, the statutory warranty is limited to one year.

12 months manufacturer guarantee

Only with us you will receive an exclusive 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee on all LEVITAZ & FLYSURFER products! The manufacturer’s internal quality check guarantees a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Every product is subject to strict testing and is checked twice by specialist staff.

2 years trim check

We trim every FLYSURFER kite for you for free. You can easily come to us in the office, send the Kite or come to one of the FLYSURFER events. At events or in the office we can also show you how you can quickly and easily check and trim your Kite yourself.