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How the Kite-Elements used market works

Kite-elements.de is acting as independent agency for FLYSURFER second hand material and supports proactive the quality- and price-stability of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding. All offered second hand goods originate exclusively from our headquarter and are checked, as well as repaired, accordig to the relieable FLYSURFER standard.

All the gear comes with 12 month warranty.The used material offered has been expertly checked. The necessary repairs and the replacement of damaged individual parts were carried out professionally. All offered articles are in a technically perfect condition. The respective star rating primarily relates to the optical condition.

In this case, the statutory warranty is limited to one year.

5 ★ No noticeable use

4 ★ Barely signs of use, technically very good condition

3★ Slight signs of use, technically good condition

2 ★Pre-serial like serial product. Possible optical modification

1★ Not for Sale